The Christmas events of the Salaj family has been held for more than twenty years at the Salaj family estate in Grabovnica next to Čazma, Croatia, and it is unique in our region, throughout the Balkan.

For years, the Salaj family has invested all their love and extraordinary effort to make the event as beautiful as possible every year and to share the joy of the holidays with the magical lights that surrounds this estate in the company of their visitors.

Therefore, this specific manifestation remains a great promoter of Croatian tourism, but the biggest support comes from visitors who return again and again every season.

Magical Christmas lights by Salaj “Božićna čarolija svjetlawill be open on the 25. November 2022. till 08. January 2023.

Working hours are daily from 3:00 PM to 21:00 PM, including weekends and holidays.

During the season 2022/2023 there are many new attractions and activities waiting for you, all surrounded by several million lamps that stretch on the Salaj property.

We continue the tradition that every year we change the display of shapes and colors on the entire property, and even those visitors who enjoyed the event are expecting magic that they have not experienced in the past few years.

A lot of new wooden figures and carvi made of chainsaw by Mr. Martin Reichmann, the German sculptor and artist, who made out of locally found wood just for us, is something that is rarely seen in this area and has become a tradition on our property.

It is good to plan your excursion so that you visit the property at dusk after which every day visitors expect rich fireworks while walking on numerous paths, bridges and passages, and the refreshment will be handled by a restaurant on the property itself (which offers traditional gastronomic offer at affordable prices) and additional gastronomic facilities. All with the smell of cooked wine and tea!

A large advent village under the starry sky with various products from domestic work will offer handicrafts of local producers where it is possible to find small items for authentic Christmas gifts for the dearest, and numerous attractions and surprises, and Santa Claus will visit the property with which children will be able to socialize and photograph.

Property address:

Ante Starčevića 132, Grabovnica,

43240 Čazma, Croatia

We are here

What is the easiest way to get there from Zagreb?

Take the highway towards Slavonski Brod, exit at the Ivanić Grad exit, and continue towards Čazma (approx. 15 km). In Čazma, you will find it at every intersection signs “Obitelji Salaj” that will lead you to the very properties.


Zagreb: 60 km

Motorway: 20 km

Bjelovar: 30 km

Railway station Ivanić Grad: 15 km

Čazma bus station: 5 km


Near the property (100 m) there is a parking lot for 1600 cars that is free of charge.

Magical Christmas lights by Salaj this year will be held from 25 November 2022 and will cheer up all visitors until 08 January 2023, and will be open every day from 15 to 21 hours (including weekends and holidays).

Ticket price

Individual arrival: HRK 45.00 (= EUR 5.98)

Children up to 7 years of age accompanied by adults: free of charge

Organized arrival (groups of 30 persons and more): 40 HRK (= 5.32 EUR) per person


Children of all ages are paid for in organized groups. It is recommended to announce the arrival of groups at least one week in advance on the imanjesalaj@gmail.com

Payment exclusively in HRK (HRK) until 01 January 2023

We don’t take any credit cards!

The prices shown are translated at the fixed conversion rate:

1 EUR = 7,53450 HRK

Kindergarten groups: HRK 25.00 (= EUR 3.32) per child

Payment methods:

At the entrance in cash untill 31. December 2022 only in kunas (HRK), after 1. January in Croatian kuna or Euro.